YPN Signature Event
Date: November 1, 2014
Ribbon cutting for ME SPA Santa Rosa
Date: November 5, 2014
Ribbon cutting for Whiskey Tip
Date: November 7, 2014
Wake Up Santa Rosa: City and County Perspectives
Date: November 12, 2014
Workshop: Relationship Management for Professional & Personal Success
Date: November 13, 2014
Ribbon cutting for HALO Salon
Date: November 13, 2014

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What We Do


The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization in the region dedicated to the success of business.


The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce's mission is to support, promote, and advocate for our members and create a vibrant, sustainable economy in our region.

By the Numbers
  • Budget: $2,200,000
  • Staff: 18 full-time and 8 part-time employees
  • Number of members: 900
  • Number of volunteers: 300
  • Number of committees: 20
Core Beliefs

The following values reflect the core beliefs of the Chamber and the manner in which it will undertake all of its activities.

  • Leadership: The Chamber will build on its history by continuing to be an organization that provides leadership to our community in addressing both the challenges and opportunities we face.
  • Collaboration: The Chamber will seek out and work with other individuals and organizations willing and interested in working together to solve problems.
  • Regional: The Santa Rosa Chamber recognizes the importance of taking a regional approach to issues and will reach out to engage others throughout Sonoma County to cooperate in this fashion.
  • Business Driven: The Chamber has businesses as its members and will be driven by their needs and interests.
  • Excellence: The Chamber is committed to excellence and will seek to reflect that in all we do. We want all associated with our organization to be proud of the work that we do.
  • Fiscally Responsible: The Chamber will manage its funds in a responsible manner to ensure that it has the resources to accomplish its mission and to undertake new projects as the opportunities arise.
Priority Goals

The Chamber's 2014 Priority Goals are:

  • Support Sonoma County BEST in the implementation of its Strategic Plan as the foundation of an aggressive, county-wide economic development program and meet its job creation goals;
  • With the leadership of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, use BIA and other funds to create and implement an aggressive sales and marketing program that increases occupancy rates in Santa Rosa hotels, encourages spending by visitors, bolsters our local economy and meets revenue targets specified in its Strategic Plan;
  • Implement the Strategic Plan of the Advocacy Council and CPAC to nurture a pro-business environment in our community;
  • Implement WHEEL, Mike Hauser Algebra Academy and other specific programs that improve the skills of students for whom English is a second language;
  • Improve existing programs and activities that contribute most to the success of our members;
  • Communicate the value and importance of Chamber activities to our members and the community as a whole;
  • Establish excellent fiscal management systems so that cash reserve and annual income goals are met and resources are available to fulfill our goals and to invest in new opportunities and address new challenges as they arise.